2017 TeamALS Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Love for Julie


Thanks for visiting our team page. As most of you may already know- on October 8th, 2017 we will be running in The Bank of America Chicago Marathon for The ALS Association! Together we are challenging ALS and making a difference in the lives of those impacted by this devastating disease. We are a part of Team Challenge ALS and our personal Team is Love For JulieThis disease has severely impacted the life of Julie Fallon, our good friend's mother. We will be running for her and all of those whom have suffered or been touched by ALS.

Julie's story:
Just a few months after participating in The Ice Bucket Challenge and donating herself, she received the devastating news that she had joined the approximate 30,000 other Americans who currently suffer from this disease. She was diagnosed in February of 2015. It all started with a limp in her step which quickly turned into her walking with the assistance of a cane, followed by a wheelchair, followed by a electric wheelchair. Someone who was so independent and took such joy in taking care of others was forced to become completely dependent on others for even the most basic things that we all take for granted every day. She can not walk, brush her own teeth, feed herself, bathe herself, the list goes on forever. She can not even pet her own dog or give her loved ones a hug. Most recently, she has lost the ability to speak and can only communicate through a computer that tracks her eye movements to type words.

This is hard to write and I am sure hard to read, but it is the sad, nightmarish reality of those affected by this disease. As the average lifespan for a person diagnosed with ALS is 2-5 years, we need a cure FAST! The cure is out there, but they do not have sufficient funding to do so. Furthermore, the expenses that come from this disease are substantial. On top of massive doctor bills, families have to make their houses handicap accessible -- toilets, showers, stairs, CARS, etc., purchase various medical equipment, electric wheelchairs, and much more. This is why funding is so crucial! All donations We receive for this race go directly to The ALS Association. They provide patient services resources and fund global, cutting edge research.

Please, if you can, donate to this cause to help all those who suffer. You can be saving yourself or someone you love.

Help us reach our goal! Select one of our fantastic participants under the Team Roster section of this page. Click their name to donate on their behalf. All the money donated from this page will support our team's overall goal. The time is now to join us and help us push towards a treatment and a cure!

THANK YOU in advance!

With Love,

Sara Ziegler, Ashley Lombardi and Paige Magnusson

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