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Social Security Disability

For information about Social Security Disability for Persons with ALS and their families, please click here.

Devices for Patients

We find exemplary online videos that can educate Persons with ALS and Caregivers about the variety of equipment options that may increase the quality of life for those living with ALS. Persons living with ALS will typically require different equipment in the varying stages of ALS, and every person's needs are unique. These links will help you learn more about the variety of devices commonly used by Persons living with ALS.

*Please note that some of the following videos may contain graphic images of medical procedures.


Difficulty with Eating or Speaking

Modified Diet for difficulty swallowing

Feeding Tube (video) 

Low-Tech Communication strategies (video)


Bi-Pap Video

Diaphragm Pacer Video

Airway Clearance

The Vest Airway Clearance System (video)

Breath Stacking (video)


Drug Trials and Registries

Centers for Disease Control's National ALS Registry a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials




National ALS RegistryNational ALS RegistryNational ALS Registry


We think it's important for you to have a portal for all things related to ALS patient care. If you have a source to contribute to this portal of external resources, please tell us.




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