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ALS Multidisciplinary Clinics

The ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic model provides high-quality care along with access to the latest treatments for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). An ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic brings together physicians, pharmacists, occupational and speech therapists, nutritionists, social workers, and home palliative care staff that can provide comprehensive, specialized, sensitive care that addresses all of these needs in one place at one time. Research suggests that patients who receive treatment at an ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic live longer and have a higher quality of life.

University of Chicago Medical Center
Certified Center of Excellence

The University of Chicago ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic was established in 2009. The UCMC ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic recently achieved the status of becoming the first-ever Certified Center of Excellence in Illinois.

“We are thankful to the Greater Chicago Chapter for their support and guidance, which enabled us to build an ALS Multi-Disciplinary clinic at the University of Chicago. This year the clinic expanded from meeting twice a month to meeting three or four times a month. Our ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic provides a holistic approach to the patient that facilitates the ease with which patients can receive care and enhances patient safety and quality of life.”  -Dr. Raymond Roos, Clinic Director

University of Illinois Health & Sciences Systems
Certified Center of Excellence

In 2007, we began a partnership with the University of Illinois Health & Sciences Systems to create a monthly ALS Clinic, which is now under the direction of Dr. Qin Li Jiang.

“The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter is a vital liaison between the medical team, the patient and his family. The knowledgeable team members work hard to ensure that the care for an ALS patient does not stop at the clinic, and they go above and beyond to help in one’s fight against ALS. It is my great pleasure to work with the team and I’m looking forward to another year of collaboration.”  -Dr. Qin Li Jiang, Clinic Director

Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital
Recognized Treatment Center

In November of this year, we established a partnership with the Hines V.A. ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic under the direction of Dr. David Kvarnberg. Audrey Scafidi, LPN, Care Service Coordinator, represents the Greater Chicago Chapter at the alternating bi-monthly clinics and the V.A. staff lead bi-monthly support groups to provide follow-up support.

“The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter has been a valuable contribution to the ALS clinic at Hines VA. I very much appreciate the services and support the vets get.”  -Dr. David Kvarnberg, Clinic Director

Mercyhealth Rockford Brain & Spine Center
Recognized Treatment Center

The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter began operating the ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic in Rockford, Illinois, in early 2015. We are proud to have the esteemed Dr. Shawn Wallery leading as the Clinic Director.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to develop a comprehensive care ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic in partnership with The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter. Our goal is to continue to strive for excellence in ALS care and to continue the fight alongside our patients. We are currently in the process of staff training, education and development in great anticipation of opening our doors in January 2015.”  -Dr. Shawn Wallery, Clinic Director

NorthShore University HealthSystem
Recognized Treatment Center

Our newest clinical partner, NorthShore University HealthSystem, is the first multi-disciplinary clinic experience for patients and families in the northern Chicago Suburbs. They became our sixth ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic in 2016.

“NorthShore Neurological Institute remains grateful to the ALS Association Greater Chicgo Chapter for the support and guidance which allows us to meet the needs of our ALS patients and families.  -Dr. Octavia Kincaid, Department of Neurology at NorthShore University HealthSystem


Rush University Medical Center
Recognized Treatment Center

The ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter began operating the ALS Multi-Disciplinary Clinic at Rush University, in 2015. It is an honor to have the team of Dr. Madhu Soni and Dr. Matthew Meriggioli leading as the Clinic Co-Directors.

“We appreciate the support from the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter in helping us to establish a comprehensive ALS Clinic at Rush University Medical Center. We look forward to the future growth of our clinic and we are excited to partner with the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter n helping our patients battle this disease.”  -Dr. Madhu Soni and Dr. Matthew Meriggioli leading as the Clinic Co-Directors



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